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Registration FAQ

Refund/Transfer Information

The Spring Lake 5 & Kid's race have a no refund policy.  We do allow transfers – If you are a registered runner, and find that you cannot make the run, the Spring Lake Five has a transfer policy in place; please send an email to SPRINGLAKE5@SPRINGLAKE5.ORG requesting transfer information. Transfer opportunities will be limited.

Do you have a waiting list?

Once the limit of general registration entries is reached, the race will be closed for registration.

Sorry - NO -  we do not keep a transfer listing or waiting list, just about everyone who wants to transfer knows someone who wants to get in.

Thanks to The Friends of The Spring Lake 5, a limited number of entries will be available through charitable organizations, posted on the Charity Partners page.

Kids' Race Registration

Kids' Race registration will open in late February from the website

Paper registration forms for the Kid's Race will also be available onsite at the Spring Lake train station during packet pick-up as well as the day of the Kid's Race. 
Sorry no refunds or deferring to another year.

Registration Tips

• Have registration information ready for each participant: date of birth, shirt type and size, estimated pace per mile (used for start line placement).
• Make sure mailing address is valid - bib numbers will be mailed. The post office has been returning mail when addressee does not live at the address given.
• Enter only once. Duplicate entries will be rejected; no refunds for any reason.
•  Have payment info ready to expedite the online process.
• If you registered yourself last year please take a moment to review your account profile at RunSignUp that you setup during the registration process. This will help to make sure your registration is a smooth one. Go to and log in to your account.
• For typos and corrections to your account please check out  
• If you have trouble accessing your account or forgot your password see here to reset your password  or contact RunSignUp  support and they will assist you.

What is Registration Link

Here is the direct link to Runsignup registration page for Spring Lake Five:

How can I update my runsignup account?

Data changes to RSU profile

• For typos and corrections to your account please check out  

 If you have trouble accessing your account or forgot your password see here to reset your password

You can also contact runsignup directly to update your account with them  RunSignUp support  –   and they will assist you.

Password Help

SIGN In Password

If you have trouble accessing your account or forgot your password see here to reset your password

If you cannot remember your RunSignUp password you created yourself when registering for this event or another race with RunSignUp, or it is not working, another option is to sign in as a new user (must be a new email address)


There is No early access code / or special password required to get into the Spring Lake Five race. The online service has you create an account with them so you can register with the hundreds of races they support.  Your initial time in, they request that you setup the account with a password, as you would for any online purchase

How can I change my shirt selection?

Shirt changes are permitted for a limited time.

There will be a link in your confirmation email "Manage Registration"  for each registrant that allows you to go back in and make the correction.

Make sure to also hit   "Confirm"    button to save the changes

Note: for 2022 Women's sizing runs true-to-size.

What type of credit cards are accepted?

Acceptable credit cards for race registration are, as listed below the “card number” field, are American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover

Can I register more than one person?

Multiple Participant Registrations
You are able to register multiple participants during one registration transaction. We do not set a limit but the individuals you register must reside at the address you are filling in for them.  Just make sure all the correct information is entered for each participant.
Regarding duplicates - Do not enter yourself more than once, and it is important to make sure than anyone additional that you are registering has not already registered themselves.
There are no refunds.

You will need this information for each individual. (All the basic info for any race)
First Name
Last Name
Address1 City State Zip (Very important that this info is accurate)
Date of Birth

         Shirt size
         Shirt type Cotton or Men’s Tech or Women’s Tech
          Estimated Finish Time and Race Pace

Refund Policy

Refunds are not allowed for this race.