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Charity Events in 2024

Celebration of Your Support of the Spring Lake 5

Celebrating the Spring Lake 5 Running Community at Asbury Lanes

For 10 consecutive years, donations from the Spring Lake 5 running community have enabled Asbury Park Music Foundation to offer incredible music scholarships for its “Music Saved My Life” program at Lakehouse Music Academy in Asbury Park. These scholarships open doors for under-resourced youth and teens who are growing up in poverty in Asbury Park, by providing an outstanding music education at no cost to their families. 

“Music Saved My Life” deeply affects young lives. Students learn to express themselves through music and develop the skills necessary to get into college or pursue a career in music. The program helps to improve grades, self-esteem and social skills among young people with limited means but unlimited potential. Asbury Park Music Foundation is excited to honor the Spring Lake 5 running community for its many contributions to students and music in Asbury Park. We’d like to invite each of you to our inaugural “Where Music Lives Awards Show” on May 17, 2024, where the Spring Lake 5 will be honored.

Please click on this link for a Special Invitation and tickets for the SL5 running community to the May 17 event at Asbury Lanes

Asbury Park Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides music education to under-resourced students, helps the local music scene thrive and unites diverse communities through music. Through the power of music, we are changing lives together.

Collier Youth Services, a non-profit based in Monmouth County, serves youth across New Jersey through its educational, residential, and recreational programs. Collier School, opened in 1977, has served over 5,000 students whose mental and behavioral health needs cannot be met in their school system. Collier Group Home (1977) and Collier House (2007), has been home to over 300 teen girls and young women who have suffered severe trauma and need a safe place to develop skills to overcome their past. Kateri Day Camp, started in 1977, has provided a full summer of fun for free to over 9,000 kids who live under the poverty line.

Collier Youth Services Agency will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2027. This year, on June 20th, the Friends of the Spring Lake 5 will be honored at the 2024 Celebration of Collier event in gratitude for their many years of support of our mission.

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